I’ve lived somewhat of an unconventional life, which I now know is the path most people take to get into the tech space. Born and raised in southeastern Connecticut, it was a nice place to grow up. I’ll always have that love/hate relationship with my hometown as most anyone who ends up leaving theirs does. When I graduated high school, I was set to make my mark. And that mark was out west in a little town called Hollywood where I would follow my dreams of rock stardom.

Adam-New-ImageNeedless to say, that dream fell through, but it sent me on a path of self discovery and gave way to years of exhilarating experiences. There is no substitute for the eccentric and eclectic world of Hollywood. Or cruising down Mulholland Drive, or the view from Runyon Canyon, or watching the sun set over the Pacific ocean.

“Go West, young man, go West. There is health in the country.”

I’ve lived in several big cities including Montreal and Boston. I favor the east coast, but definitely miss the west! Providence is where I rest my head nowadays and I love this city. Even though I see travel in my future, the PVD will most likely always be home.

A little more about me.

I’ve got the gift of gab, often times to my advantage, but not always. I’ve driven across the country over a dozen times and I once made it from Norwich, CT to Van Nuys, CA in 3 days flying solo. I used to race bikes (a Honda RC51 and a GSXR-750, to be exact), still have a love for speed, I’m just a little wiser these days.

“He’s used to life in the fast lane, travels all over the world, already risks his life racing at over 300 km/h, and seems to be handy with a gun.” — Mata Hari

I read a lot, and I’ll be the first to admit I like Jack Reacher novels, short chapters and easy to read. I’m attached to music in a way that I can’t explain. I mean, it made me move all the way across the country. I used to play guitar and sing (still do, sometimes), but music touches me like that early autumn wind which offers excitement and calm all wrapped in the same simple breeze—music is a marvel, and always will be to me.

Business thoughts

I help people find the balance between design, technology, and business. I started doing web development in 2011-2012 and have since moved into more front facing roles where I perform project scope development and strategy. My business philosophy is pretty simple; invest yourself, produce quality. Whatever you do, take the time to do it well.

I expect to do really cool things in my career and I’m super happy I’m afforded certain perks in this industry. I get to learn something new everyday. I get to meet new people. I get to help people. And I get to use my intellect to solve problems. I’m thankful to have the right people in my corner, a loving family, great friends, and I’ve worked with some really awesome (and smart) coworkers.

“A company is only as good as the people it keeps.” – Mary Kay Ash

I also do a lot of volunteer work for the Young Leaders Circle (YLC). We’re an affinity group of the United Way of Rhode Island and the largest young professional group in R.I. We organize some really great Adam wrapping presents(and impactful) events and we’re advocates for the communities of Rhode Island. I’m also on the Newport Interactive Marketers (NIM) Advisory Board, where we help advise small business owners, agency people, and entrepreneurs on matters relating to marketing, social media, and anything web-related.

So, this is my blog, filled with all the things I like — mostly tech stuff and some pop-culture. If you ever need advice on something digital, or just want to talk tech, don’t be afraid to reach out — drop me a line. Or subscribe below to get updates on the latest posts.

Oh yeah, and I like taking pictures of the food I cook! Been making some pretty good meals lately, so Instagram me! I might start a new category called “recipes.”

View my portfolio website at adamlamagna.com – just know that it might be under construction, I’m always messing around with my “portfolio” site!