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November 4, 2014
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Content is King!!!!!

For those of you who read my last post about keyword strategy, then this is a continuation of SEO strategy. Onto phase 2, which is…. content strategy! Content strategy really has two portions to it.

Text Content Strategy

which is all about your text, (I’ll cover in this post) and….

Non-Text Content Strategy

which is all about your non-text elements (e.g. – images, videos). I’m going to segment this out into different posts because there’s quite a bit here.

First, you need to know how search engines rank your websites. There are these things called domain authority and page authority, and technically no one really knows what these things are. But Google makes the algorithms that index and rank your site dependent upon things like domain authority and page authority, and a plethora of other gauges. So, there are two things you need to optimize for when thinking about your strategy. The first is optimize for people, the second is optimize for the machine! (He’s a machine – in my best Ivan Drago voice!!).

This post will be about optimizing for humans and I’ll go into optimizing for machines in another post. Optimizing for humans is where you, as a business, product, or service, can break away from the pack. You can shine! Text has to be placed smartly, wisely, and you can’t over do it. Over doing something, like putting your keyword search term a bunch of times in the text, will make you appear as a spamdexing site to search engines, which will lower your domain authority very quickly – hard to recover from.

You have your keyword strategy, you know what terms you want to rank for, so now how do we put them into your post? Into your pages? Start at the top, what do you want your title to say? Or your headline? Think of it in terms of a print magazine or a newspaper. If you want to rank for “backpacking in California” – then you’ll want that in the title, something like “Great places to backpack in Southern California.” You’ll also want to put that phrase in the body of your text anywhere from 1 to 3 times, but really no more than 3, otherwise search engines may think you’re spamdexing, or Black-Hat SEOing. Which we definitely don’t want.

You’ll also want to use like-terms, words like tent, trail, sleeping bag, firepit, anything you can think of that might be relevant or in close relation to your keyword phrase. After that, it really comes down to great, and I mean great content. Content that’ll make people want to come back. Content that’ll make people want to comment on it or remark on it. Content that people will share with their friends. Good, great content. Be relevant, and be unique!! Stay tuned for more!!

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