I’m a Huge Rhymer!

September 12, 2015
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For those of you who are unfamiliar with my….erh…softer side, I used to be pretty big into poetry. I’ve been reading a lot of J. Raymond lately, pretty cool stuff. *Be sure to check out his poem below* But when I was younger I used to write poems all the time. I would write to girls I was in “love” with, other people I thought could benefit from a rhyming limerick, poetry that would later turn into song lyrics, epics that went on forever, and haikus when I needed to spark some creativity. It’s been awhile since I’ve had the time to think creatively enough to craft a poem, let alone write one down. Well, that all changed this evening.

Here’s my new poem, entitled Hush.

I like to see silence creep inside

once in a while in my wide eyed mind.

From diesel to damsel, defiance and doom,

there’s nothing for me that didn’t already bloom.


My vanguard sits behind pressure and time,

the spark should fly to ignite its climb

from the depths of discord, disorder, decline.


To balance the earnest, the honest and well, 

never make good on avowals to quell.

In drifts of delicate and tides of weak,

it’s the quiet chaotic forever I’ll seek,


for the resolute, able, and fine

live their days out by design

with the might to mild their wide eyed mind.


A quick explanation, because we all love dissecting poetry!

This poem is about calming the internal narrator in my mind. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read my post on my meditation practice – Shambhala and the Art of Being Human – it talks about my internal commentator!

But the poem above is really about calming that voice. I think….a lot!! About everything, constantly analyzing, which can cause my creative side (vanguard) to be stifled. I need to stop thinking so much so I can be more creative and write poems like this one. But in order to get out of that constant uncontrollable mindset, you need to find a balance. And when times are tough to not run from it but seek out that quiet chaotic mind, take it head on! Because the mentally strong people out there can do this, they find a balance, they live their lives with meaning and purpose, and have the ability to calm that inner narrator. Alright, I’m done! Thanks for reading!

J. Raymond Poem:

J. Raymond Poem

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