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November 23, 2014
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I’d like to touch on link building today. This will tie into my previous posts on SEO, and content strategy. Link building is perhaps one of the hardest things to get right in the game of SEO. It’s complex and very complicated. But you can start by getting the internal linking right!

Internal Link Building

This is totally in your control. You have the power to make sure your internal link building is done properly. Once a spider gets to your page through a link, you’ll want to make it easy to navigate, intuitive, and earned. What do I mean by that? Well, your navigation should be pretty straight forward. You should have a navigation that makes sense. Don’t put the product page as a sub menu to your about page – it wouldn’t make much sense. When putting links in the body of your text, make sure that your not just linking for the sake of linking. Make sure that there is some type of value there. If you noticed at the beginning of this post, I linked to two of my previous posts, but they are in relation to this post. So, it makes sense to link. Make sure you think “earned” link when linking internally. Internal linking is important to SEO, but external linking is more important!

External Link Building

This is much harder to get right, because this depends on other people. When you are starting an external link building campaign, you’ll want to cast a wide net. Take a look at your personal and professional networks and think about how you’ll be able to leverage them in your link building campaign. Talk to your friends and family who have websites. Talk to your employees who have blogs and ask them to link back to your site when there is an editorially earned chance to take a link. Again, do not link for the sake of linking! Search Engines have become hip to this style of link building.

Lesson Time

The linking system comes from the 1950s. It is based on academic papers and their citations. Which ever paper was cited the most and from which resources (and how trustworthy these resources are) would determine which academic paper held the most weight. This is how link building works now. If you have a site that has a number of backlinks (links pointing to it from other sites), then most likely these sites will rank high, BUT it also depends on the trust of the sites that are doing the linking. So, if you have a site with 5 links coming in from other sources, but those sources rank low on domain authority, then that site might not rank as high as another site with only two links pointing to it, but from highly reputable sources – are you getting the picture? I hope so, sometimes I can ramble!!

We want links, but from reputable sources. So, where do we begin?? Well, we can begin with web directories – remember these things? Web directories have been around for a very long time in web years. Back in the mid 1990s when the web had about 600 websites, web directories were used to link to sites categorized by certain industries and the like. Web directories were/are basically yellow pages for websites. The picture here to the left is of DMOZ – this is a very reputable web directory that you can get published in and have a link going back to your site. I know it might sound a little ridiculous, but web directories are a great place to find websites related to your service or product or industry. So, even though it’s old school, do it! Every little bit helps to create a stronger web presence!

Social Media links – are they worth it? Well most social media links use what’s called a rel=”nofollow” – this tells the search engine not to use this link as an SEO link, that it is not to be followed for that. But social media is probably the best places to create buzz around your site and about your site! So, definitely post things on social media, it might not help directly with SEO, but it will definitely help indirectly with SEO.

You may also want to look into creating press releases. There are services out there that will help with this, just make sure to read the fine print. Some services that put out your press releases may not allow you to put in links until you’ve done a number of press releases or have paid a certain amount of money, so beware of that. Article syndication is worth doing if you create a lot of great articles. There are services that will slightly change the post so that there isn’t a bunch of duplicate content out there. And also look into working with bloggers. If you have a moving company, look into any moving blogs or moving sites that can compliment your site.

All in all, it’s a lot of leg work to do an external linking campaign, but if done properly, it can yield some wonderful results. I’ll touch base on paid links when I write my post on Adwords and Adsense! Coming soon!


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