Pocket Dial Emergencies

October 6, 2014
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This amazes me and scares me at the same time. I recently read an article about people pocket-dialing 911.


Does this really happen? I’m sure it does, but the extent at which it happens is phenomenal, seriously! Data has shown for certain call centers across the nation that out of 100 calls, 40 are pocket-dials. I mean, come on people! This is 911!! Ya know, the number people call when they’re dying or in trouble, or when their cat runs up a tree and can’t get down.

Truly, this whole scenario is bad. What if someone tries to dial 911 but can’t get in because 40 different people are accidentally pocket dialing the emergency line. And what happens when the call comes in late, the medics get dispatched a few seconds late, they get to the hospital a few seconds late and bam, the patient dies because you decided you’d keep your phone unlocked when you put it in your pocket. Seriously, I’ve never pocket dialed anyone, but that’s just me.

I wonder if authorities call these infamous butt-dialers back up and say “hey, try not to pocket dial us anymore, your clogging up the lines.”

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